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Initiative Test Scenarios

Here are a few sample initiative tests for your class. The situation must always be as seen, no imaginary obstacles or no-go areas.

You can spice it up by adding boats or underwater challenges, and add more clothing. If you can think of more exciting ideas, please email us. We would be most grateful.

Rope Rescue

A weak swimmer and a non-swimmer are about 10 meters from the pool side. The rescuer should demonstrate an effective rope rescue and instruct the casualties to climb out of the pool. Proper safety and aftercare of the casualty are included.

Stomach Cramps

A casualty in waist deep water has severe stomach cramps. The rescuer should demonstrate an effective wading rescue and assist the casualty out of the pool.

Non-swimmer falls into the pool

A non-swimmer has slipped and fallen into deep water in a pool. The rescuer should demonstrate an effective land-based rescue and instruct the casualty to climb out.

Unconscious and Non-swimmer

An unconscious casualty floats about 5-8 meters from the pool side. A panicking non-swimmer is about 20 meters away. The rescuer should demonstrate an effective rescue, choosing which casualty to get out first. This will require the rescuer to enter the water to reach the non-swimmer, reassure him and get him out of the water.

Injured Swimmer

Sometimes there may be no rescue aids available, so the rescuers have to use their clothes instead. In this scenario there is an injured swimmer and a weak swimmer in need of help over 15 meters from a point of safety. The rescuer has to decide which clothes to keep on for use as a possible towing aid if neccessary.

pool training rescue
Carefully return all casualties to a point of safety.

Boating Incident

Put two inflatable boats into the middle of the pool, with two people each who could be non-swimmers.

When the rescuer arrives, they signal for help. Suddenly one boat capsizes and one person goes unconscious. An injured swimmer is holding on to the other boat. The two remaining people are just in a panic.

The rescuer should be able to make the right decisions, choose the correct priority of rescues and get them all out of the pool.

pool training rescue
A few non-swimmers are adrift in a boat and signal for help.
pool training rescue
Suddenly the boat capsizes.

pool training rescue

pool training rescue
Can you return all the boaters to safety? What happened to the injured and unconscious casualties?

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