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Initiative Test for Rescuers

An initiative test is where two or more casualties are up to 25 meters from safety in various situations that must be completed within two minutes.

Afterwards the candidate will be asked to answer questions regarding their actions. You may also include questions on water safety and rescue techniques including priorities of a rescue and survival in water. The answers are all hidden on this web site.

In an initiative test the teacher sets up a scenario in which one or more rescuers deal with an emergency situation.

Set up the Scenario

The pool should be as they can see it, not contain imaginary elements like shopping trolleys stuck in mud below the surface or any such things.

Brief the casualties where you want them, what kind of casualty they portray and how many clothes they should wear.

Clearly describe the situation to the rescuers without giving away the plot. Rescuers should assess the situation and act accordingly.

Considerations for Incident Plans

  1. What is size of the area?
  2. How deep is the water?
  3. How many casualties and in what state are they?
  4. How far are they from a point of safety?
  5. What rescue aids are available?
  6. Where are the points of safety?

When setting up your initiative test make sure it is a realistic scenario. Make them think, avoid the obvious. In a real incident the casualties probably wear clothes, so bear that in mind as it can make a significant difference.

The rescuer should always start fully clothed. Any clothes can be used as rescue aids, but may be discarded if they are seen as a hindrance.

The initiative test should only contain elements which your class has already trained for. You may want to set an initiative test at the end of a training sessions as a review of the new skills.

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