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Rotterdam Rescue Brigade

Every year, members of the Rotterdam Rescue Brigade swim up to 1,000 meters fully clothed during the association's club hours.

The beginning of autumn in the Netherlands means traditionally dressed swimming at the Rotterdam Rescue Brigade. During club hours it is possible to swim 250, 600 or 1,000 meters fully clothed. This is a good exercise to experience what it is like when you unexpectedly fall into the water fully clothed.

Costs €1.50 plus entrance fee.

The minimum dress requirements are a long sleeves shirt or pullover and skirt or long pants. Touch swimmers wear even more, like unlined rain clothes, as done in the Zwem Diploma.

Participation possible for everyone. Family, friends, or swimming enthusiasts, member or not member. The "Clothed Swimming Committee" provides medals and serial numbers to those who accomplish this feat.

For more information, call 010 310 5990 (voicemail service) or send an email to or contact the main pool instruction. Outsiders (not RRB members) can also participate in the clothed swimming, please contact us

Reader Comment: Huge Fun

by Kevin from Amsterdam

After I passed my Zwem Diploma (Swimming Certificate) the Reddingsbrigade in or local pool asked me to join this event. This looked like fun because I enjoy swimming in clothes.

On the day I got dressed in long pants, polo shirt and a sweatshirt. Then I went under the shower and appeared on pooside. Lots of people were already there in their colourful outfits.

The first time I swam 250 meters, which is 10 pool lengths. That was quite easy.

Afterwards I relaxed in the warm-up pool or watched the other swimmers from the practice lane. I kept my wet clothes on because I was too lazy to change into dry kit.

In the afternoon they asked me join the 1000 meter swim. That was quite exhausting in all my clothes. I barely made it across the finish line.

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