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Ball Games


Use these wild games towards the end of a training session to finish on a high note. You can play these games in a pool, but most also work out fine on the beach.

Team Colours

Dress up in team colours so you know who is in what team. You can even the odds by making the faster swimmers wear more clothes.


You can play water baseball in the pool with a bit of imagination and any number of people. If you don't have enough people, you can use "ghost runners".

Set up designated points around the pool and score bases as if it were regular baseball. Dress up in baseball outfits and use a foam bat and ball.

One team pitches the beach ball by throwing it in the air to the team who is at bat.
Their batsman hits the ball back.
If it is caught, he is out.
If it goes out of the pool, the batter is out.
If the ball bounces off the edge of the pool, but stays in, it's a home run.

There's only one strike per out, so don't miss. After three outs the other team is up.

Beach Polo / Pool Polo

This fun pool game is like water polo, except you use beach balls and aim to get your ball into your team's goal while keeping the other team from scoring.


Divide up two teams and dress up in team colours so you know who is with whom. Each team gets a separate side of the pool and a beach ball.

When the game starts you throw the beach ball at the other team trying to hit them.

If you get hit, you're out until the next round.
If you catch a ball thrown at you, the person that threw it is out.

The team with the last person in the pool wins the round. Play an odd number of rounds. The team with the most rounds wins.

Pool Football

Required: Footie kit to identify teams and a large beach ball.

Football is another team game that can be modified for the pool.

Set up goals at both ends of the pool.

The aim is to get the ball into the other teams goal. Remember that you can't use your hands to touch the ball.

Making a rule that there can be no dunking is a good safety idea.

Water Rugby

Required: Robust rugby outfits and rugby ball

Set up two goals on either side of the pool, using rings or whatever.

There is only one rule: Score a goal by putting the ball into the opponents goal. No other rules apply.

This game can get a bit rough. Robust swimwear or rugby clothes might be a good idea.

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